France - Italie

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France - Italie

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Toni et Ribéry donnent un avant-goût

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Re: France - Italie

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Haha tellement n'importe quoi... :P

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Re: France - Italie

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C'est quoi le but du haut des tribunes!? haha

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Re: France - Italie

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Im glad the italians lost the way they did. Why you may ask? well, because that loss could not have come at a better time. Italy had not lost a championship match since euro 2004 where they tied 2 games and won 1. If you analyse the two italian sides of both 2004 and 2008, in 2004 they did not play with the same intensity they did than against the dutch on tuesday. Another thing is that this edition of italy's team relishes fantastic options on the bench that are envied by most coaches. My point is that italy can not have a worser match than they did tuesday where everything went absolutely wrong. The italians will defeat the romanians within a hard and fought contest and regain their composure in the group. As an impartial analyst, i believe france have their chances because they are who they are...class and finess. However, one must concede that the coach is a fukin idiot for leaving out trezeguet and most of all Mexes who in my opinion, smoked cannavaro in serie A this term. Lets not forget mathieu flamini...My point? i think domenech who should focus on shaving his nose hairs because they are disgustingly noticeable on national televison made some mistakes in his selection fom day one. Even though he has a good hand of players , he lacks serious alternatives and cleary hates italians to the point that he did not even select the cannavaro of france just because he plays in italy or talismann trezeguet! With henry not 100% and with school boy nasri and gomis who looks like "the predator with arnold schwarzanneger" i dont see where the options are. All i know is that the outcome of the upcoming match between "the great cousins" will be the war to end all wars between these two european giants. This encounter is definitly anybody's game.

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