Les cote d'écoutes

Championnat du monde des moins de 20 ans, qui s'est joué au Canada, entre autres à Montréal
Champion continental
Champion continental
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Les cote d'écoutes

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Before the tournament started, it was speculated the tournament games involving Canada would average 500,000 viewers.

The CBC ended up with an average of 497,000 for the three Canadian games — a good number, considering the home side couldn't score a goal and was barely competitive.

Viewership for the non-Canadian telecasts exceeded expectations. Last Thursday's Chile-Argentina semi-final was tops with an audience of 485,000 viewers.

The average audience for the knockout round was 248,000. The four quarter-final telecasts averaged 345,000 viewers. The Austria-Czech Republic semi-final drew 344,000, bringing the semi-final average to 415,000.

The inaugural Soccer Day in Canada, which aired on July 8, drew well. The two-hour features segment from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. EDT averaged 113,000 viewers. That was followed by two good audiences, 327,000 for Portugal-Gambia and 532,000 for Canada-Congo.